Monday, July 20, 2015

Sexy Babes.

A collection of sexy illustrated babes...that aren't Disney-related or have anything to do with comic book superheroines. Some of these are also featured on other pages of my blog.

"momiji has a bad day" 
The heroine from the Japanese animated series Blue Seed.

"when naked women argue"
Featuring a pair of cartoon women I first discovered on 
Deviant...on the left is Honey Baxter,also known as the 
superheroine Laser Lady,forced to strip naked and unmask 
to save the world (the original strip can be seen elsewhere 
on my blog).On the right is schoolteacher Miss Truth,who 
seems to have an unfortunate habit of ending up nude in 
public...their creators are named in the piece.

Two well-known animated female sleuths,
finding themselves in a somewhat precarious 

"bad toon gals"

"no invisible hair needed"
For the explanation of this piece's admittedly bizarre title,
look for this one on my Screensavers page.

"seven days to color"

" boobies" in,in the original scenario in which this is based,
the girl was unexpectedly rendered topless.

"fastest thing on two feet"

"no zits on her"

"pantsing sketch"

"please,no blonde jokes"

"sally forth as wonder woman"

"security in the modern army"

"bare facts"

"beyond the probe"

"blood and chocolate"

"earth girls are easy"

"love perdition style"

"THX 1138"

"venus has risen"

"emphasis on man"

"dark and sweet"

Happy Valentine's Day!

"barely escape"


The less-than-modest lady pictured here is Tabitha Vixx,
from The Simpsons,episode 378,Marge & Homer Turn A Couple Play.

"and still no underwear"
The rather curious title derives from the fact that it's based on a 
black-and-white sketch I decided to submit as is;check my 
"black and white" section to see it.

"flesh and metal"

"for that shirt"
Created from images from the 1977 TV-mocking movie Prime Time,
a parody of a popular ad campaign from that decade...Remember "I'll
 give you $20 for that shirt"?

"laura marano nude"

Thursday, July 10, 2014