Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Funny thing,I thought I'd already created a collection here of my artwork inspired by the classic 90's
comedy show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Oh,well,I've got one now...and here it is.

One infamous B-movie of the 60's that didn't get the MST3K 
treatment...and I wish it had is 1965's Frankenstein Meets The 
Space Monster...also known as Mars Attacks Puerto Rico,
Operation San Juan,etc. etc.

"a patrick swayze christmas"


Lance Fuller as Brak from the 1955 movie This Island Earth,which got riffed 
by Mike and the 'bots at both their mid-90's live show and in Mystery 
Science Theater 3000:The Movie.


Inspired by one of the show's funniest moments,when rogue holographic 
clowns overstay their welcome and go completely insane with rage.

"movie sign is futile"

For those of you who've spent many a long sleepless night plagued by 
the question:What if the Satellite Of Love were assimilated by the Borg? 

"predator was busy" 

"pronounced mist-THREE-kay-ah"

"skull cruiser!!!"

As seen on episode #404,Teenagers From Outer Space.

No,this isn't what the teenagers arrived in. 

"The 40 names of David Ryder"

A visual celebration of all the nicknames bestowed by Mike and the 'bots 
upon the main character from the movie Space Mutiny.

"what's with the costume"

Trivia: the show originally premiered on Thanksgiving. 

"woman of the future"

By an amazing coincidence,one of the writer/cast members of the show had 
the same name as the title character from Helen Fielding's novel.

I think there was a movie? Can't really remember....

"why joel couldn't just leave"

It's scrrrrapbook time...part two!!

Another collection of visually interesting visuals found on the 'net!

From an old issue of MAD magazine...sorry,don't know
which one...a Wally Wood illustration of an office party where 
all the popular comic-strip characters of the mid-to-late 
20th century are in attendance.

A still from the 1960's Batman TV show
...showcasing Catwoman's (Julie Newmar) butt.

...and while we're on the subject of women's butts...

I have absolutely no idea what this actress' name is.All I 
know is that she was a featured player in a pornographic 
parody of the TV show Seinfeld.
Now,I've never seen that show,and I have no interest in 
pornographic movies. So why,do you ask,did I post this here?


A picture of an attic I found on the net.

From a Direct TV ad from 2014,the premise of which that some guy has the 
service,and his marionette wife feels insecure because of his comment about 
"no more ugly wires".
I'm actually surprised we have not yet seen something like this in the movies...
a CGI-created artificial woman who's more stylized than realistic. The sexy female 
android is a recurring theme in popular sci-fi, people often feel discomfort when 
watching realistic CGI people,the whole "uncanny valley" thing,and there are dozens 
of cartoon women that men find sexually attractive...this feels like the next logical 
step...imagine a sci-fi movie akin to something like Galaxina or Cherry 2000 in 
which the android is portrayed,not by a live actress but in CGI imagry similar 
to the above.

Two pics of me and my brothers...Jim,Dan,Patrick and Matt...
when we were younger. In both,I'm the second youngest;in the 
lower photo,that's our Dad with us.

One of my favorite toys when I was a kid.

An ad from 1975 featuring a pre-Three's Company Suzanne Somers...

...the detail of which is below. 

A parody page of those old ads in comic books.

The ol' homestead...from Google Maps,our old house on Verdev.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Artwork devoted to one of my favorite holidays.

"blood and chocolate"

"the jack o'lantern"

"sincerity rewarded"

"candy coated heart of darkness"

"humor in...vein"

"goodie bag"

"preparing for the hallows"

"halloween wallpaper"

"wrong holiday"

"hammer time"

"necromancers au naturel"

"she wasn't invited"

"welcome to the house of fun"


"it hung in the windows"

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


                                                          Because they fascinate me.

"a night at Asimov's".

"ever since I was a young 'bot".

"retro gamer".

"robots see a movie in 1974".

"tin toy".


"guess which one keeps losing"


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A visit to the Milwaukee Public Museum

                                      August 3rd, was the first Thursday of the month;
                                                        Milwaukee residents got in free!

After all these years,still one of my favorite places to go!