Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Astro City.

                                 A collection of artwork inspired by Astro City,the superhero
                              comic anthology series created by Kurt Busiek,Brent Anderson
                                                                   and Alex Ross.

"the other trinity"

An ObamaHope-poster style image of Alex Ross' artwork for Astro City 
Vol. 10:Victory. The title derives from a similar image featuring DC comics' 
iconic trio,Superman,Wonder Woman and Batman.
Probably not too much of a coincidence,since DC actually publishes these 
stories,albeit through one of their other labels.

"radioactive men"
The Simpsons,as several of Astro City's heroes.

"unholy alliance" in The Unholy Alliance,one of Astro City's most dangerous 
supervillain groups. From the left: Their leader Demolitia, Slamburger,
Spice,Flamethrower and in the back,Glowworm.

"a summons to Samothrace"

An Andy Warhol-inspired image of Winged Victory.

"pitfalls with sidekicks"

Drawing inspiration from Neal Adams' iconic cover to 
Green Lantern #85 (Aug./Sept. 1971),these are masked crimefighters 
and sometimes-lovers Crackerjack and Quarrel;the sidekick is my 
own creation.


From the pages of Astro City Vol. 12:Lover's begins when Stekk,a member of 
a race of intelligent talking gorillas hidden within the Antarctic,learns of the existance of rock 
music.Teaching himself to play the drums,he rejects the militaristic life of his fellow simians 
and escapes to Astro City;re-naming himself Sticks,he seeks out a drummer's position with a 
local band,but before his first audition,he rescues people from a burning building,leading many 
to believe he's a new superhero.He also attracts the attention of several terrorist organizations,
who attempt to capture him with the intention of selling him to the highest bidder...thus 
potentially endangering any band he might perform with.
Wanting neither the life of a superhero or slave,Sticks begins to think he has no future as a 
musician,until he hits upon an idea;donning bulletproof formal wear,he begins to fight crime 
under the name Tuxedo Gorilla. Having established himself,he then puts out a call for any 
other superhumans with musical abilities...and Powerchord is born!

"honor guard locker room"
Getting a little risque' here...four female members of Honor Guard,Astro City's 
premiere supergroup...caught with their pants down.
From the left: Winged Victory (real name Lauren Freed),Quarrel (Jessica Taggart),
the second Cleopatra (Sarah Brandeis) and the BarbieDoll-esque android Beautie.

"confetti of justice"
The Steve Ditko-inspired hero Jack-In-The-Box,using his trademark 
streamers to trap the hapless villain known as Glue-Gun.

"chibi crossbreed"

Done chibi-style,the Crossbreed,a sextet of heroes who believe their powers come 
from the front with the shepherd's crook is their leader Noah,who can summon his right is the sonic-scream-wielding Joshua,to his left is the 
geokinetic Peter and the lionesque Daniel.In the back is the giant David,while next to 
him is the angel-winged Mary.

"saturday morning leo"

The featured character,Loony Leo,is a cartoon character that was 
accidentally brought to life in 1946,an unexpected side effect of a 
battle between the tuxedo-clad superhero the Gentlemen and his arch-
nemesis Prof. Borzoi,using a device that brought fictional characters to 
life.His story,a fifty-year account that includes a short-lived career in 
feature films,a scandal involving an underaged girl who dies of a drug 
overdose,a brief stint as a lackey to an alien supervillain and eventually 
becoming the owner of a successful restaurant in Astro City can be read 
in Astro City Vol. 3:Family Album.

Although no such tale appears in the story,I'm imagining him here as the 
star of a 1970's Saturday morning cartoon.


                                     A collection of art inspired by Alan Moore and
                              Dave Gibbon's groundbreaking graphic novel Watchmen.

"bronze age minutemen"
A re-imagining of the 1940's-era vigilante group the Minutemen,
what they might've looked like as superheroes of the
Bronze Age of Comics (1970-1986).

"tears of a comedian"
The Comedian,in the style of Magaret Keane.

"watchmen A"
An alternate-universe roster,starting on the far left:
Dan Dreiberg aka Mothman...the successor to Byron Lewis,the original Mothman,with whom Dreiberg is a close friend. Lewis currently runs one of the most prestigious psychiatric hospitals in the country.
Edward Blake aka The Solemn of the country's most revered masked adventurers;he tragically died while stopping the murderous plot of Rameses II (see below).
Sylvia Kovacs aka Silhouette...following the death of her son Walter at the hands of her abusive ex-husband,she donned mask and trenchcoat to become the mysterious vigilante.
Janey Slater aka Mother Earth...physically transformed by a bizarre quantum physics accident,her superhuman abilities have waned with the passing years,but she remains forever dedicated to humanity.
Lyle Juspeczyk aka Steel Spectre...became a superhero against the wishes of his father,Solomon "Sol" Juspeczyk,the first Steel Spectre.
Adrian Veidt aka Rameses II...the mastermind behind a hideous plan to murder all the world's first-born children in one night,believing it would make him immortal;fortunately,he was thwarted by the Solemn Man,who tragically died in the process.

"all the vermin will drown"


"crushed fruit pie in alley"

Inspired by the Hostess ads that ran in superhero comics in the 1970s.

"who's smarter"

Based on the title page of Superman Vs. The Flash,
as originally done by Bob Oksner.

"based on the best seller"

Shortly after retiring from being the masked vigilante Nite Owl in the early 1960s,
former policeman Hollis Mason writes Under The Hood,a tell-all memoir about 
his days with the Minutemen; I'm imagining him selling the movie rights to 
Hollywood,hence the above poster.

"the cast of 'under the hood' "
A companion piece to the above.

"they're working on a name"

In the second issue of Before Watchmen:Minutemen...a comic-book miniseries showing 
what happened in the lives of the characters before the events of Watchmen...we saw the 
open auditions for the Minutemen. Unfortunately,not everybody made the cut,and I'm 
imagining the rejected applicants deciding to form their own group. 
Starting on the left (and not all were identified in the story) Liberty Lassy,The Iron Lid,
unnamed,The Slut,and The Frogman (crouching down).The remaining three were also 
unidentified. The tryouts were also depicted in the one-shot 
Before Watchmen:Dollar Bill.

"who watches the princesses"

"watchmen beyond"

In 1996,all of DC Comics' annuals had the same theme,Legends Of The Dead 
Earth. These were a series of stories taking place centuries after the planet 
Earth was dead,with surviving humanity scattered throughout the galaxy.The 
legends of the superheroes had also survived,and many of these tales featured 
the main character,human or alien,becoming a new incarnation of the hero.

"he doesn't have asthma"

Briefly mentioned in Watchmen...Zack Snyder's movie adaption as well as the book 
...the never-seen masochistic super-villain-wannabe who wishes nothing more than 
to receive a beating at the hands of a masked hero.


In 2013,Superman celebrated his 75th birthday. Batman's was the following year,with Wonder Woman's in 2016. As these celebrations usually included a visual collage of how these characters 
had changed throughout the years,with constant re-interpretation for the new 
generation,I imagined the same for Captain Metropolis,Watchmen's 1940s-era hero.

"jumping without a parachute?"

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Another mixed bag of my work.

A second collection of my art that doesn't fit my other categories...I guess you could call this the
"Miscellaneous" section.

"retro gamer" 

"what's with the costume"
Something I created for Thanksgiving...the holiday 
on which Mystery Science Theater 3000 made its original debut.

Admittedly,an impulsive piece...a still from one of the 
Archie animated series of the seventies,with a slight alteration.

"my magic kingdom"...posting this one in its original size...seemed the best way to show the amount of detail I put into this one.

Sort of a mash-up of two cinematic elements
from that particular year.

"space oddity"

"ever since I was a young 'bot"

"the american dream"

"passing the torch"

"l'amour est vert"

Friday, November 4, 2016

Homemade Wacky Packages 5

These are my homemade,1970's-style Wacky Packages.

...and I start this page with these four,the fourth of which 
is the one hundredth one I've done!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Obama-Hope-poster-style artwork.

I've done so many of these,I decided to give them their own page,like I did on DeviantArt.

"HOPE for nice weather"

Anyone who lived in Milwaukee,WI during the 1970s will recognize this as 
Albert The Alleycat...he started out as a character on a locally produced kids' 
show on WITI Channel 6...he was moved to the local news broadcasts,and 
eventually became an unofficial mascot of the station until 1981.

"HO momma!!"

The two rather provocative women depicted here are Crissy Moran 
and Aria Giovanni;this is based on a color pic of the two.

"je HOPE vah's"

Some years ago,my brother Matt...that's him on the far together with 
Kent Boyce,Tim Cook and Steve Adams to form the hard-rock band Bender.
During their time together,they released two albums,Joe and Jehovah's Hitlist.
Their music was featured in two movies,3000 Miles To Graceland and one of 
the Scary Movie films--I don't know which one--as well as the videogame 
ATV Offroad Fury for Playstation 2.

"the other trinity"

From the Astro City comic books...depicted here are,from left to right,superhero 
Samaritan,superheroine Winged Victory and masked vigilante the Confessor,the 
three of which are the protagonists of the miniseries Victory...they are the "other 
trinity" because of their resemblance to the grouping of Superman,Wonder Woman 
and Batman.

"say it like it's written"

Tommy Wiseau,in an iconic moment from his messterpiece The Room.
The text must be pronounced as it's spelled there,to reasonably capture Wiseau's 
accent/speech impediment/weird way of talking that has you scratching your head 
in bewilderment as to what the hell country's this guy's from.

"there's always room for jello"

Inspired by the Wally Wood-illustrated comicbook story Gookum!,as 
it appeared in MAD #2 (Dec '52/Jan '53)...a comical four-armed alien 
lands on Earth and,over a provided meal,regales the press with the tale 
of his escape from his home planet,long threatened by the Gookum,a 
bright red gelatinous substance that lay dormant for many years before 
it came to life and proceeded to devour everything in its path. He finishes 
his story just as he is brought dessert...a cherry-jello which 
he recoils in horror. Guess why.


Actor Lance Fuller from the 1955 sci-fi movie This Island Earth...
the title of this piece,as well as the caption,come from the irreverent 
but hilarious treatment it received in Mystery Science Theater 
3000:The Movie.

"improver of radio guidance"

Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000),who,along with composer George Anthiel,
designed a frequency-hopping system for radio-guided torpedos,which 
could cause them to go off course.Unfortunately,during WWII,the American 
military did not use ideas created by civilians;an updated version of their 
design was put into practice during the Cuban missile crisis.It also became 
the forerunner for the technology used in Wi-Fi and Bluetooths.

Oh,yeah...I think she also appeared in several of which where 
she performed sans clothing.

"and that's the tooth"

This is based on an illustration done by Norm Saunders,
the artist behind hundreds of illustrations,but most notably 
the original Mars Attacks trading cards,as well as the 1970s' 
series of Wacky Packages.

"not obsolete"

From the classic Twilight Zone episode "The Obsolete Man",Burgess 
Meredith as librarian Romney Wordsworth,condemned to die by the 
totalitarian society he lives in.